Abstract: A hybrid boosting converter (HBC) with collective advantages of regulation capability from its boost structure and gain enhancement from its voltage multiplier structure is proposed in this paper. The new converter incorporates a bipolar voltage multiplier, featuring symmetrical configuration, single inductor and single switch, high gain capability with wide regulation range, low component stress, small output ripple and flexible extension, which make it suitable for front-end PV system and some other renewable energy applications. The operation principal, component stress, and voltage ripple are analyzed in this paper. Performance comparison and evaluation with a number of previous single-switch single-inductor converters are provided. Fuzzy Controlled closed loop of the proposed converter is studied and simulated A 3.5 to 35 V second-order HBC prototypes was built. The experimental results confirm the feasibility of the proposed converter.

Keywords: Hybrid Boost Converter, Bipolar voltage multiplier Continuous conduction mode, Discontinuous conduction Mode.