Abstract: The Double Quadratic Buck Converter is a new non-insulated DC-DC converter. This new converter is characterized by average output voltage to be lower than input voltage, and the voltage intermediate capacitor also to be lower than the input voltage. It has the advantages of high gain ratio near half range of duty cycle compared to the conventional Buck Converter. In this case, the voltage at the switches is lower than the input voltage and half the voltage in the switch of the existing Quadratic Buck Converter. That means in double quadratic buck converter, the stress voltage over the switches is reduced to half of the value compared to the conventional Quadratic Buck Converter. The topological symmetry simpli?es the theoretical analysis of the converter .The converter operation stages with the respective waveforms are explained and closed loop simulation of the new converter is done.

Keywords: Quadratic Buck Converter, Direct current, Continuous conduction Mode, Double quadratic buck converter.