Abstract: Objectives: Intelligent solar energy harvesting systems employ controllers and sensor arrays to track the sun, in conjunction with power converters to output steady, usable power. This paper aims to provide a comparative study between key existing algorithms, as well as provide a potential alternative to some of them . Methods/Analysis : Multiple existing algorithms for this control scheme were all executed on a custom dual-axes servo driver solar tracker, feeding a boost converter, under controlled and identical conditions. Findings: With inferences drawn by comparing the transient parameters of their respective response curves, conclusions could be drawn as to where the tested algorithm was optimally suited to. The algorithms compared where incremental conductance method, array sorting method and constant voltage tracking method, all executed at the same location under comparable lighting conditions. Novelty/ Improvement: The information garnered can influence cost effective strategies in purchase of solar powered intelligent systems.

Keywords: Solar; Renewable; Tracker; MPPT; Algorithm; Microcontroller; CVT;INC; Control