Abstract: Proposed system presents design of such a monitoring system for emergency patient transportation with the help of ARM 7 processor module. The system will be useful for monitoring ambulance location using Google map. Numbers of road accidents in India are the highest across the world. Using advance wireless technology of GPS and GSM modems, it is possible to provide medical facility to accident victim within short period of time. For the same purpose the ambulances are specially designed to carry emergency drugs and instruments. Continuous monitoring of ambulance location and status of patient during the critical hour of patient transportation helps to improve medical care. One of the issues during transportation of patient is traffic related problems. All developed nations have a well developed transportation system with efficient traffic control on road, rail and air. It is therefore necessary to have a fast, economical and efficient traffic control. It also include sensors to monitor heart bit rate and temperature of patient through SMS. The front end application at the monitoring system is developed using visual basic software in Personal Computers. It can display location of ambulance and status of heart bit rate and temperature of patient. After receiving SMS hospital can prepare their staff for proper treatment of coming patient.

Keywords: ARM7, GPS, GSM, sensors.