Abstract: The contemporary world requires more and more rigorously the use of information technologies, so it is necessary to improve teaching of programming. The object-oriented paradigm models the real world, and adds a different structure to programming. Their learning is not always easy to assimilate, there are difficulties in syntax and semantics, as well as in programming logic. The present report contributes to the validation of a model, which integrates concepts and methods of Object Oriented Programming, using multiple intelligences, to improve the assimilation of contents. The model involves several components and enhances the traditional architecture of the tutors systems. In the validation process, the pre-test and the post-test were performed to evaluate the behavior of two groups: experimental and control. The results of the validation show that the experimental group reached higher levels in the variables subject to editing, which shows results favorable to its application.

Keywords: Multiple intelligences, model, intelligent tutors, object-oriented programming.