Abstract: In this paper, A Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (D-STATCOM) is used for improving the power factor, power quality and to control power flow control in the distribution line. It used to give reactive and active power compensation in the distribution line. The power depends on the power factor of the loads connected to the transmission line. The D-STATCOM used a control strategy based on control symmetrical component theory. To decrease the reactive power and to minimize the undesirable load to require maintains the flow of reactive power. As a result, the power factor of the load descant, leading to the limitation of the active power flow in the line. The D-STATCOM is a power electronics based on advanced device can be used to control power flow in the distribution line. This paper based on the PWM inverter and voltage source inverter to improve the power factor of the load by injecting suitable reactive power in the power distribution line. The simulation of D-STATCOM provides full reactive power compensation and also provides real power compensation in the distribution line for different loads.

Keywords: FACTS, Power flow, Distribution Line, Reactive Power, Real Power, D-STATCOM.