Abstract: In this real world, location-based utilities are becoming immensely prominent. These offerings primarily depend on usersí present location and also on history of users location. Without carefully designed safety system for web consumers, malicious or harmful users may lie about their spatial temporal provenance to show their past locations. The data can be faked and can be distorted for meeting particular prerequisites. Location dependent offerings need the user to provide location evidence at a particular time in use. There are a few cases wherein consumers may cheat on their locations. So here, one secure approach called Spatial-Temporal provenance assurance with Mutual Proofs (STAMP) for web application users is introduced. STAMP is designed for web users producing masked evidence for every different in a allotted setting. Anyhow, it can easily accommodate trusted web users and privacy for web consumer by generating mask id so this ensures the trustworthiness and non-transferability of the location evidences and make safe for userís privateness. Prototype implementation of this android application depicts that it is less expensive in phrases of estimation and system resources.

Keywords: Location evidences, privacy, trustworthiness, spatial-temporal provenance.