Abstract: Small scale technologies to produce electricity close to the end users of power are employed by Distributed generation approach. Renewable energy based Distributed generators produce electricity production with the decrease in the global warming. The renewable energy based distributed generators (DGs) based on wind, solar energy, biomass, mini-hydro along with use of fuel cells and micro turbines will give massive advantages in near future. Distributed generation powered by various renewable and non-conventional microsources has become an attractive option for configuring modern electrical grids because of its advantages like environmental friendliness, expandability and flexibility. A microgrid paves a way to effectively integrate renewable energy based distributed generation. The microgrid consists of cluster of loads and distributed generators that operate as a single controllable system. The microgrid can operated in parallel with or isolated from the main power grid. The microgrid concept introduces the reduction of multiple reverse conversions in an individual AC or DC grid and also facilitates connections to variable renewable AC and DC sources and loads to power systems. Concerned about safe operation and protection of equipment has risen by the interconnection of DGs to the utility/grid through power electronic converters. Enhancement of local reliability, reduction of feeder losses, local voltages support, increased efficiency through use of waste heat, correction of voltage sag or uninterruptible power supply are the special requirement of the customers, the microgrid can be designed to meet their special requirements. In the present work the performance of hybrid AC/DC microgrid system is analyzed in the grid tied mode. Here we have developed a microgrid by using fuel cell system, wind turbine generator and battery. Also fuzzy logic controllers along with PI control mechanisms are implemented for the converters to properly coordinate the AC sub-grid to DC sub-grid. The results are obtained using the MATLAB/ SIMULINK environment.

Keywords: Renewable, Distributed Generator, Fuel, Wind, AC/DC Microgrid.