Abstract: This paper describes simulation and analysis of the human cardiovascular system using a complex electronic circuit. In this study we have taken a slightly different approach to the modelling of the system and tried to advance existing electrical models by increasing more segments and parameters. Anatomical and physiological data for circuit parameters have been extracted from medical articles and textbooks. The frequency of heart is 1 Hz and the system operates in steady state condition. Each artery is modelled by one capacitor, resistor and inductor. The left and right ventricles are modelled using AC power suppliers and diodes. The results of the simulation including pressure graphs exhibit operation of the cardiovascular system under normal condition. From the electrical cardiovascular model we have analysed some cases which reflect the real time functioning of the human cardiovascular system. Hence we have changed the circuit parameters and observed the output responses which satisfy the actual human responses in different situations.

Keywords: Model; Simulation; Electronic Circuit; Cardiovascular System; Case Studies.