Abstract: For enhancing the BER performance of a wireless network by reducing the effects of fading, transmit diversity is an effective way [1]. Due to size, hardware and cost constraints, majority of the wireless devices (i.e. mobile handsets, etc) are limited to only one antenna. Co-operative communication can be used and incorporated to achieve the transmit diversity by utilizing single antenna wireless devices to share their antennas during session. Such an arrangement creates a virtual MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) system [2] [3]. In this paper, we will discuss about the cooperative communications and analyze the performance of amplify and forward protocol for single relay model in idealistic condition which gives way forward to tackle the challenges in Spectrum allocation, Improvement of channel capacity, Extension of range, energy efficient Communications etc.

Keywords: Co-operative Communication, Multiple Input Multiple Output Systems, Transmit Diversity, Relay, Amplify and Forward, Adhoc Networks etc.