Abstract: Nowadays, energy is an essential need for human life and for the development in all the sectors of economy. The drastic increase in population and rapidly decreasing conventional energy sources force us to think on promising way of non-conventional energy harvesting methods. Solar energy system is used to collect maximum power from sun. This proposal is to use the solar panels implemented in this project more efficiently and to carry out a realistic experimental approach to enhance the solar output power to a significant level. The power generation using piezoelectric sensor is used as another approach. When vehicles move, a large amount of kinetic energy is getting dissipated on roads. Hence, we make use of the vibration energy generated by the moving vehicles into a useable form of energy. Using the principle of piezoelectric effect the vibrational energy is converted into electrical form and stored as a backup source. This stored energy is used as a power source for the functioning of street lights and intensity control of the street lights. The status of the battery charging is also indicated.

Keywords: Intensity Control, Piezoelectric effect, Solar energy, Energy harvesting.