Abstract: In today’s world, especially in INDIA, need and use of power supply is increasing drastically day by day. The supply of electricity is falling back to the increasing demand of power. Moreover the conventional reserves (i.e., petroleum, coal, gas) and other non-renewable resources are depleting at a faster rate which is now widely recognized. As we know that solar energy is abundant in nature and also is a renewable source of energy. This project focuses on the maximum and efficient use of solar energy by tracking it in real time using arduino software of the single axis solar tracker while still considering the economic factor. The project also involves wind protection scheme along with determination of the effect of shading on the solar panels which is often responsible for considerably reducing the power output from the solar panels. The main components used in this project are Solar Panels, Arduino UNO, Light Detecting Resistors, Hall Effect sensor, Servomotor etc. The aim of this project is to provide maximum and efficient use of Solar Energy at an affordable price.

Keywords: LDR, EEPROM, ADC, DC, LCD.