Abstract: The Peltier cell replaces the bulky compressors in a typical refrigerator. We designed and constructed a compressor-less thermoelectric refrigerator that uses Peltier cells for cooling. A temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature inside the fridge that gives an accuracy of +/-0.05o C. Our main aim is to promote green environment with our project work. That is using Peltier cells instead of refrigerants that are harmful to the environment. Our project work is compact. It has a GSM module to control or set the temperature inside the refrigerator and also a Wi-Fi module to monitor it. LCD is also used to monitor it near the system. We also experimented to find out that out project work was able to bring the temperature 27o C down to 17o C inside a room.

Keywords: Peltier cell, GSM and Wi-Fi module.