Abstract: The project presented here is a user friendly as well as echo friendly vehicle built with Embedded Electro-Mechanical system. Basically bicycle is a two wheeler vehicle which is driven by the muscular power of the rider. The Embedded Electro-Mechanical bicycle is an advance electric power driven, power saving, power generating automatic vehicle. This has got battery back-up system within it. Normally vehicle will not get proper place for parking, it will be outside in hot sunshine even the bicycle are use more during winter and summer season and not during rainy seasons since it as got no top cover. Our system is reliable for these seasons with special care to be taken during rainy seasons while using our Embedded Electro-Mechanical Bicycle. Here two batteries are used one for charging through solar another for discharging for motor. When discharging battery reduces by 2 volt the battery will be automatically switched this is charging battery will start discharging and discharged battery will start charging.

Keywords: Gear Box, e-bicycle, Relay module, Arduino.