Abstract: One kind of physiotherapy which is known as vojta therapy, is the most significant method to cure the disorder in nervous and musculoskeletal systems.This remedy is proposed by neurologist Mr.V Vojta , hence the name is vojta therapy.He had studied various patients with disorder in nervous and musculoskeletal system,analyzed them and concluded that therapy must be reflective locomotive type which requires selective stimulation to perform on affected body region,so that patient may carry out certain reflexive pattern by its own.The repetition of this stimulation in the long run brings forth the previously blocked connections most of the spinal cord and mind, and after a few sessions, sufferers can carry out those actions without any external stimulation.In this paper we proposed an automatic monitoring system to track infants ,it can detect infant ,segment he/her ,extract features and classify them for further treatment.Here we used a RGB-D statistics and to detect infants face a robust template matching based algorithm where as for classification purpose multi-class support vector machine(mSVM) is used.The proposed algorithm is perform on various dataset ,which we have obtained from kid health center.Result of this algorithm shows that the proposed method is very efficient and economical for home based therapy.

Keywords: Vojta therapy, reflex pattern, support vector machine, robust template maching algorithm.