Abstract: The possibility of realization of block FIR filter in transpose form configuration for area-delay efficient realization of large order FIR filters for both fixed and reconfigurable applications. Based on a detailed computational analysis of transpose form configuration of FIR filter, a flow graph for transpose form block FIR filter with optimized register complexity is derived. A generalized block formulation is presented for transpose form FIR filter. A low-complexity design using the MCM scheme is also presented for the block implementation of fixed FIR filters. The proposed structure involves significantly less area delay product (ADP) than the existing block implementation of direct-form structure for medium or large filter lengths, while for the short-length filters, the block implementation of direct-form FIR structure has less ADP than the proposed structure by using Booth Multipliers. Application specific integrated circuit synthesis result shows that the proposed structure for block size 4 and filter length 64 involves less ADP and less EPS than the best available FIR filter structure proposed for reconfigurable applications. For the same filter length and the same block size, the proposed structure involves less ADP than that of the existing direct-form blocks FIR structure. This Proposed System Implemented using Verilog HDL and Simulated by Modelsim 6.4 c and Synthesized by Xilinx tool. The proposed system implemented in FPGA Spartan 3 XC3S 200 TQ-144.

Keywords: Transpose form, ADP, EPS, Ripple carry adder, Carry save adder, VLSI, FIR, Block processing.