Abstract: Shopping mall is a place where people get their daily necessities. We can see huge crowd at these malls on holidays and weekends. People purchase different items and put them in trolley. After completion of purchases, one needs to go to billing counter for payments. At billing counter the cashier prepare the bill using bar code reader which is very time consuming process and results in long queue at billing counter. There demand for quick and easy payment of bills in shopping malls. To overcome these problems we have designed a smart trolley. The Automated Shopping Trolley is a Smart Trolley which integrates with Barcode Scanners, Arduino, GSM module, Weighing Sensor in it. The scanned items by the customer which will automatically log into the database and thereby can generate bill for items purchased. The weighing sensor which will check the weight of the items send to the database. These modules are integrated into an embedded system and are tested to satisfy the functionality.

Keywords: Arduino, Barcode scanner, GSM Module, Weighing Sensor.