Abstract: As the end of the fossil fuels. Fossil fuel phase out is the proposed energy transition beyond fossil fuels through multiple means, including transport electrification, fossil fuel divestment, decommissioning of operating fossil fuel-fired power plants and prevention of construction of new fossil fuel fired power stations . Its purpose is to reduce air pollution, mining tragedies and greenhouse gas emissions which cause climate change. A move to many forms of renewable energy or nuclear energy is involved in shifting away from fossil fuels. We are considering piezoelectric crystals to harvest energy. Electricity produced is stored in a LA battery. The battery acts a source for the local (bulb & fan in this case). The Arduino board is used to control the bulb &fan with wireless Bluetooth connection with the help of Bluetooth module. In this paper wireless connection is used to efficiently use the energy produced by the piezoelectric effect and stored in the lead acid battery for further &efficient use.

Keywords: Lead Acid (LA), Fossil fuel, Electricity, Energy Harvesting.