Abstract: The major activity that takes place around world is automation and security. The automation or remote control has become fundamental to our lives .The project presented here is a novel approach towards automation and security. In this project, we present the design and implementation of a GSM based wireless home/office/other area security system. And this system helps for people with physical disabilities. Here the system automatically controls (open or close) the door as soon it receives predefined message from the user. The system mainly consisting of microcontroller, GSM and gear motor for controlling the door. The door is controlled only by the authorized persons through sending control SMS to the GSM module. If unauthorized person wants to access the door then, he has to press call button which is kept beside the door then, automatic voice call going to authorized person, thus user can communicate with the unauthorised person lively. If he wants to open the door he can send door open SMS to the device, then door will starts opening and after some time authorized person can close the door remotely by sending another SMS. The door is controlled via H-bridge circuit. If intruder tries to enter the door forcefully, then door sensor is activated it gives signal to microcontroller and alert message is goes to authorized person.

Keywords: GSM, PIC microcontroller, H-bridge, Gear motor, PIR, Door sensor logic, LCD.