Abstract: Agriculture plays a very crucial role in Indian economy. Over centuries, the growth of agriculture contributed to the rise of civilizations. This research paper covers major challenges faced by farmers in India. It includes involvement of automated farming. Although, the contribution of agriculture to GDP is one sixth, it provides employment opportunities to the needy. This research is about focusing on farmer reducing his human efforts in farming due lack of facility as well as due natural disasters. The proposed idea would ensure surely development and agriculture growth by considering various factors such as focusing on attributes of soil, temperature, moisture, automated dripping system, pesticide, automated fertilizer suggestion, decision making on these fact for proper growth of seed, having WSN positioned in all over farm and drone which is able to do various things. The entire proposed system will be available at minimum cost including drone which is able to work in air and land. Taking into consideration various factors, famers will get best support in agriculture to get better outcome in both food and money. In other words, real development in terms of growth shared by all sections of population has not taken place. Here is where, this automated agriculture comes into picture.

Keywords: Agriculture, WSN, Drone, Soil Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Temperature Sensor, IR-Sensor, Obstacle Sensor, Chemical Sensor, Wind Sensor, Water Actuator Sensor, Server, Data Mining, Automated Decision Making and Microcontroller.