Abstract: Issues related to waste management in the context of Indian Cities still requires a path finder as most of the citizens need to be addressed in the primary stage. Municipal solid waste management is a major environmental problem in India. Due to quick increase in development, industrialization and population, the generation rate of municipal solid waste in Indian cities and towns is also increased. Negligence of municipal solid waste can cause adverse environmental impacts, public health risk and other socio-economic problem. This paper presents an overview of the existing systems of solid waste management in India which need an immense improvement; the proposed system will help the competent authorities responsible for municipal solid waste management. The present paper sorts the certain issues related to Waste management which have been experienced while being involved in various cities in national arena and picks up certain unaddressed issues related to Waste management in Indian Cities. The main aim of this paper is to reduce the amount of waste in public areas while giving the citizens an opportunity to volunteer in the waste management Process and with a learned group of participants try to evolve an effective pathway for its management.

Keywords: Municipal Solid Waste, Characteristic, Management, India, Disposal, Waste Management, Citizen Volunteers, Unaddressed Issues.