Abstract: This paper examines the design feature to be incorporated in Brushless DC (BLDC) motor to enhance their faults-tolerant. Brushless dc motor is used in high risk of application, like E-Riksha, E-bike, defence application. These motor should be capable of continued functional operation. Therefore, this paper represent protection of BLDC motor from the failure of Hall-effect sensor, burning of winding. Therefore, protection require motor from tolerant torque. The current is sense by the current transducer, from the motor terminal, that current in calibration signal send in the PIC controller.PIC controller is programme like, it fixed current value of motor. Whenever, value of current is exceed from that of current is value in that time .It trip whole circuit current value is set with respect to time .Because at the starting time, motor require more force for running, therefore torque require more. At the starting time when the current increase for small time, the circuit will not be trip, the current not become in reliable value, therefore circuit may be tripped.

Keywords: BLDC motors, brushless motors, fault detection, fault tolerant control, embedded c programming, torque control, protection.