Abstract: In India due to heavy traffic on roads and highways Vehicle accidents are one of the main primary causes of death. The instance between a mishap incidence happens and the emergency medical persons are dispatched to the incident spot is the crucial aspect in the endurance rates after a mishap. By eliminating that time between an accident incident and the earliest responders are dispatched to the scene decreases death rates so that we can accumulate lives. Single approach to wash out that delay between accident occurrence and first responder dispatch is to use an accident Alert and Vehicle tracking system, which intellect when a traffic accident is likely to occur and instantly notify emergency occurred. In this paper, system describes the main application of early accident detection. In this method, primarily the GPS takes input data from the satellite and stores the co-ordinate values in microcontrollers’ buffer. If we have to track the vehicle, we need to notify the GSM device, by which it gets activated. It also gets activated by sensing accident on the shock sensor allied to Raspberry Pi. Simultaneously deactivates GPS with the help of transition .Once GSM gets activated it takes the last tracked coordinate positions values from the buffer and sends a notification via message to a central emergency mail server which is predefined in the program. This system uses the following things i.e. Raspberry Pi, shaking sensors, GPS and GSM modules to identify traffic accidents. This paper also gives review on the accident sensing techniques and some outlooks in the same field. Now-a-days lots of accidents occur on roads and highways due to enhance in traffic and also due to rash driving of the vehicle drivers. And in many conditions the family members or the ambulance and police and traffic control authority is not clued-up in time. This effect in delaying the help reached to the person suffered due to accident. Road accidents comprise the major part of the accident .The theme of the project is to find the vehicle where it is and locate the vehicle by means of sending a notification using a thing placed inside of vehicle system Many of the times we may not be able to find accident location because we don’t know where accident will take place. Our research Accident Notification Alert and Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and GSM is planned to pass up such situations. The accident happens very quick moment the notification goes to the nearby hospital.

Keywords: Accident, GPS Module, Raspberry Pi, Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), Microcontroller 8051, Tracking Location.