Abstract: Techniques that could pre cise ly monitor human motion are use ful in applications s uch as re habilitat ion, virtual re ality, s ports s cie nce, and s urve illance. Press ure dis tributions in the human fee t are important and use ful me as ures in footwe ar evaluation, athle tic training, clinical gait analys is, and pathology foot diagnos is . Mos t of the exis ting s ys te ms re quire wiring that res trains the natural move me nt and are also uncomforta ble to we ar. Comme rcially available s ys te ms are too e xpe ns ive for s mall es tablis hme nts . To ove rcome these limitations , a we arable wire less sens or ne twork us ing low-cos t, low-powe r wire less se nsor plat form imple me nte d us ing an IEEE 802.15.4 wire less s tandard can be de ve lope d with compact we arable se nsors. An e mbe dde d s ys te m us ing ARM processor has bee n cons ide re d for the hardware and to gain access to laptop, which can be configure d to comfortably work in rese arch laborato ries , clinics, s port ground, and othe r outdoor e nvironme nts . A me thod by which an inte ractive front e nd can be de ve lope d for this application has bee n discusse d. The res ults are dis playe d as values by ins tantane ous s ignals and pie charts . Also provis ion has bee n made to calculate and dis play pe ak press ure and me an press ure at a give n point.

Keywords: Foot press ure me as ure me nt, wire less sens or ne twork, biome dical application, e mbe dde d s ys te m, ARM processor.