Abstract: Privacy and security has become major issues in today’s communication. In respect to the last ten years the nature and utilization of the communication technology is changed much frequently. Due to this a significant amount of data is communicated in a fraction of seconds. Therefore the traditional computational techniques have moved towards the big data processing and analytics. In this environment the entire client module and administration is directly connected with the same data sources. Due to this the communication becomes easy but security and privacy concern in communicated data has appeared. Sometimes these issues are arising due to data leakage. In this presented work the main aim is to investigate the privacy and security concerns due to data leakage in big data environment. The main reason to utilize the big data is to demonstrate the real time system using twitter accounts to fetch and improve the sensitivity of data. During the investigation the promising approach is appeared where the sliding window and fuzzy logic based system is provided to analyze and reform the data. But this approach is found slow processing capability by which the system performance is affected. Due to this a new approach using the random walk technique is prepared by modification of existing system to enhance the resource consumption of the system.

Keywords: Privacy preserving, DLD, Sensitive Data, Security, Data Exposure.