Abstract: Wireless sensor networks are remote networks and works in adhoc manner. Sensor collects the information sensed by the self and sends it to cluster head created in clusters. Further cluster heads use to send this information to the sink where data fetched use to complied and processed according to application used. In our research, we will propose a novel method for establishing reliable and efficient data transmission in wireless sensor networks. In this approach, we will achieve energy efficiency by using hierarchical clustering method to form clusters in the sensor network. Network lifetime is increased by using this technique. To increase reliability and to utilize energy much more effectively multiple mobile sinks are used along with base station. Mobile sink nodes are used to enhance the performance metrics. Mobile sinks will be bring into grid area so that less energy consumption will be there for cluster heads. Mobile sinks will fetch data from cluster heads with minimize energy consumption. Grid will be divided into equal portions to form a uniform distribution of mobile sink. Particularly this paper analyze the various clustering techniques with mobile sink concept.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Nodes, Mobile Sink, Leach Protocol, Multi-hop Communication.