Abstract: Grid-tie PV electricity and cost for per kWh generation are affected by solar irradiances, atmospheric conditions, PV panel and inverter’s specifications etc. In this paper, Kutubdia Island, Bangladesh is selected as a site location of PV plant and solar irradiance and atmospheric conditions are considered for this island. Daily total irradiances (kWh/m^2 -day) are converted to hourly solar irradiances (W/m^2 ) and these hourly irradiances are used to calculate daily generation of electricity. Specifications of PV panel model no. “Panasonic 325 watt Module 96 Cell HIT - Black Solar Panel” and grid tie inverter model no. “SolarMax 3×330TS-SV Multi MPPT-990kW” are chosen for this research investigation. This battery less PV system exports electricity to the grid during the sun shine hours in the day time only. Energy conversion efficiency reduces significantly due to aging of PV panel over its life time. Linear de-rated efficiency of PV panel due to aging effect on generation of electricity is considered in this paper. Life time average annual electricity generation is calculated for determination of cost of per kWh electricity.

Keywords: Grid-tie system, PV plant, Aging of PV panel, Maximum power point tracker (MPPT), De-rated efficiency.