Abstract: The Tunnel FET is a new type of transistor. To overcome the large leakage current and Short channel effects (SCEs) of MOSFET, Tunnel FETs are used today. The structure of TFET is approximately similar to MOSFET, however with different switching mechanism. Switching of TFET is done by modulating quantum tunneling through a barrier instead of modulating thermionic emission over a barrier as in traditional MOSFETs. TFET has low leakage current and small subthreshold swing (SS) than MOSFET. To improve the ON current and to reduce the leakage current, we are using high-k dielectric materials as gate oxide. In this paper, we propose and validate a novel design for the semiconductor devices with high-k dielectric materials and also the performance is compared for the Double Gate TFET (DG-TFET) by using different gate dielectric materials.

Keywords: SCEs, Leakage current, Subthreshold swing, Tunnel FET, Double Gate Tunnel FET (DG-TFET).