Abstract: Grid Tied Smart Solar Energy Management System (SEMS) is a combination of solar power, grid power, energy software and power storage. It is an alternative to a conventional solar charge controller. The main idea is to develop an intelligent algorithm which enables SEMS to extract maximum power from solar to meet electricity needs. It will function according to its defined intelligent algorithm which controls the solar, batteries and grid combination so that maximum power is always extracted from solar. If the solar energy is not sufficiently available to drive the load or to charge the batteries effectively, then the intelligent algorithm takes the energy from the grid either to charge the batteries or to drive the load. Implementation of SEMS includes designing of a smart charge controller with a view to charge the battery efficiently on time by providing supply from solar or grid lines. The complex algorithm present inside the controller takes care of a load management and improves theefficiency of a entire system. Hence making energy management system smarter.

Keywords: Grid Tie, PV Solar, Energy Management System, Load Management, Charge Controller.