Abstract: In last few decades robotics and gesture based controlling of equipment has improved a great deal, previously analog remotes were used for controlling of equipment. In this paper presented the development of a versatile and low cost robotic arm which can be utilized in any industry. This robotic arm can be used in number of applications by changing the program of controller and the structure is designed in such a way that it is capable to lift light and medium loads. The idea here is to control the robotic arm by using hand gestures. Here two different sensors are used, accelerometer and flex sensor to control robotic arm by the movement of fingers and hand positioning. The robotic arm moves in real time according to the position of accelerometer and its tongs moves according to flex sensor. By installing efficient and user friendly industrial electronics systems for manufacturing machinery or processors, one can obtain a precise, reliable and prolific means for generating quality products. In this model, the user is allowed to control the arm to a whole new level so that it can reach places which were almost impossible in previous cases it allows the operator to take full advantage of the flexibility of the arm.

Keywords: Servo motors, Accelerometer, Flex sensors, Microcontroller, Robotic Arm.