Abstract: When smart grids are introduced, we tend to expect growth both in production at lower voltage levels and in new sorts of consumption. A number of these new sorts of consumption can emit power-quality disturbances and therefore they will scale back grid potency. Major disturbance that causes hindrance within the system is harmonic distortion. The pure sinusoidal wave shape generated by electrical utilities is distorted by the harmonics produced attributable to augmented use of non linear loads. However, it provides rise to additional distortions in current and voltage waveforms on the ac power systems and pollutes the system. Understanding and solving issues becomes possible with the right data and interpretation. An adequate power quality guarantees the required compatibility between all equipment connected to the grid. It is thus a crucial issue for the successful and efficient operation of existing as well as future grids. Therefore a improved version of technology is required to eliminate harmonic distortions within the system and so as to improve the system performance .This paper presents a control technique equipped with VSI operated in current controlled mode with hysteresis control in order to eliminate harmonics and improve power quality of system. And FFT analysis is carried out to analyze the reduction in total harmonic distortion after enabling the operation of control technique.

Keywords: Total Harmonic distortion, power quality, FFT (Fast Fourier transform), VSI (Voltage source inverter).