Abstract: This paper proposes intelligent Guidance Commands technique between two autonomous Wheeled Mobile Robots (WMRs). The paper indicates the development of the principle of wireless communication commands and automatic control as a small prototype for the intelligent Electric Vehicle EVs (car that thinks). This achieved via designed of two autonomous WMRs, one of them equipped with robotic manipulator arm. The two robots communicate with each other's reciprocally through exchanging information and instructions. This leads to prevent vehicles from crashing and without the intervention of a human. The robots can work in the same place without any intervention of simultaneous tasks. This work aims to develop the idea of automatic car control and communication that allows the users to use these features safely and comfortably, also it can be used in Industrial automation or in a rescue cars for the areas that affected by natural disasters where it is impossible to reach. This technology enables these rescue robots that equipped with robotic manipulator arms working simultaneously together as a team to access the disasters areas and helping there. In the same time it can sends adequate vision information about the situation. The results preformed from this technique demonstrated the suitability of this methodology for safety in road and construction field.

Keywords: WMRs, Multi Sensors, Intelligent Communication Guidance technique, Fuzzy Controller.