Abstract: This paper presents the design and development of Arduino controller based system to detect the parameters of milk. The parameters include pH, CLR and SNF. The pH sensor and lactometer are used to measure the quantity, pH and CLR of the milk respectively. Using the value of FAT and CLR the value of SNF can be calculated and studied qualitatively. The sensors are interfaced with the Arduino controller. The software developed enables to read the parameters and display them on the LCD panel. The milk quantity is displayed in litres. This is a low cost and efficient tool to detect adulteration of the milk. Also with the help of IOT(Internet of Things) process the milk industry should be able to send the real time reading information of milk to the government so that it helps to overcome the illegal things such as milk quality during the production of milk pocket.

Keywords: Milk; Adulteration; Arduino controller; pH meter, SNF, CLR. Simple and light weight design, Low cost, Low power consumption, Easy to operate.