Abstract: This paper presents design of Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas detector based on microcontroller performance. The device is embedded with real-time measurement through visualization in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). In addition, the data processing utilizes microcontroller PIC16F877. A under programming environment of Keil Compiler. The visualization itself is designed based on the combination between programming language of Microsoft Visual Basic ver. 6.0 and C. Data transmission can be very flexible in this case due to the capability standard of microcontroller for communication networks. Also, for one day measurement, the data can be simple stored inside the device. The device has been initially tested in the laboratory on several physical data output. In the implementation, the device has been used to measure the CO level on different locations, such as indoor and outdoor testing and it has shown proper results of measurement. The system works with sensor which continuously monitor the temperature, and leakage of co gas. According to threshold set the respective parameter controls the electrical devices. From PUC and our sensor received same percentage of emission of co gas and this calibrated with our system. The output through two wheeler and four wheeler and it is found that by implementing this system the emission of co gas can be minimized up to permissible limit. All these observations of the system are listed below.

Keywords: Carbon Monoxide (CO), microcontroller, PIC16F877A, Keil Compiler, Microsoft Visual Basic and C.