Abstract: In this to a great extent developing universe of energy framework keeping up voltage dependability is extremely troublesome errand on the grounds that as the span of the power framework organize expands the odds of event of blame additionally increments. In intensely stacked frameworks, voltage dependability farthest point is generally overwhelming and voltage precariousness is typically watched taking after expansive aggravation. In this paper an exertion is made with a specific end goal to keep up the voltage soundness of multi transport framework by controlling the receptive power stream in the framework. Ideal receptive power stream in the system is the key component of voltage dependability of the framework. The repaying gadgets utilized as a part of this paper are STATCOM which is shunt remunerating gadget and DVR which is arrangement remunerating gadget. A NR procedure is utilized to direct the LFS and thus the weakest transport is dictated by the LFS. A relative investigation of arrangement and shunt pay is made. The exhibitions of above repaying gadgets are done on a standard IEEE 14 transport framework. MATLAB/Simulation is utilized to investigate the execution.

Keywords: STATCOM-static synchronous compensator, DVR-dynamic voltage restorer. VSM-voltage stability margin, MLP-greatest pinnacle loading. LFS-stack stream considers.