Abstract: Insulators or dielectrics plays an important role in the high voltage power equipment. Various types of insulators are used in high voltage (HV) electrical power systems to protect the power equipments. For the purpose of safety and better efficiency, insulators should be kept in a healthy condition during its operation . As the insulators are not pure due to presence of impurities and cavities inside the insulators, the local electrical breakdown known as partial discharge (PD) takes place due to the High Voltage stresses. It is well evident that most of the insulation failure is caused due to the partial discharge in the insulation material. It gradually degrades the properties of the material which further become the major cause of the failure of the insulation. In this paper, simulation of partial discharge is done using MATLAB for Rubber as insulation material. All the simulation work is done on Rubber which is a solid insulation material. In this study, the dependency of partial discharge on the permittivity of the insulation material is tried to be analyzed with the help of void model made in the very well-known software “MATLAB”.

Keywords: Permittivity of the insulation material, Partial Discharge (PD), Void model, MATLAB, Solid insulation sample, Void, HV (high voltage), Ca, Cb, Cc.