Abstract: Most serious failure of power equipment is due to the insulation breakdown. Partial Discharge (PD) phenomenon that damages insulation by gradual erosion is major source of insulation failure. In high voltage engineering studies, partial discharge (PD) is an electrical discharge that is localized in nature and partially joins the insulation present in between the conductors and that may or may not happen next to a conductor. So, partial discharge (PD) phenomenon is an important tool for improving the reliability of HV insulation systems. Accurate simulating of PD is more important for insulation study. In this project, partial discharges mechanism in solid dielectric material will be modeled using Simulink in MATLABŪ software. In this work, for the analysis of actual PD activity inside the insulator with respect to the application of high voltage using MATLAB Simulink software an electrical circuit model of a Teflon as an insulator with a cubical void as an impurity is taken .

Keywords: Partial discharge (PD), void, Highvoltage (HV), Ca, Cb and Cc.