Abstract: Indian agriculture needed production and protection materials to achieve high productivity. Agriculture fertilizer and chemical frequently needed to kill insects and growth of crops. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates there are more than 1 million pesticide cases in every year. In that more than one lakh deaths in each year, especially in developing countries due to the pesticides sprayed by human being. The pesticide affects the nervous system of humans and also leads to disorders in body. A remote controlled UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is used to spray the Pesticide as well as fertilizer to avoid the humans from pesticide poison. This model is used to spray the pesticide content to the areas that canít easily accessible by humans. The Universal Sprayer system is used to spray the liquid as well as solid contents which are spread by the universal nozzle.Web camera is used to capture the remote sensing images which is given input to the detector which are used to identify the shape circle for dead crops and spray pesticides on alive crops.

Keywords: Quadcopter, Remote Control.