Abstract: Electricity theft is a major concern for the utilities. Many times power theft has been major impact on the economy as well as the development of the country. At present to monitor the various parameters like power consumption, the amount of load and to prevent electricity siphoning, an intelligent device would come handy to solve the problem for the power company and the clients. Application of techniques of power monitoring allows to power monitoring systems to receive the information remotely and in relation to the coordinates and time. In this project we are using smart power meter which are fitted on both at the transmission and load side. These meters are capable of measuring power sent over the load sand power consumed by the load over the time respectively. Both the parameters are sent to the base station wirelessly. Whenever there is a mismatch above the tolerance level parameters, then power theft is detected. The system will trigger the alarm to intimate to the concern authority so that they take necessary legal action and prevent power theft in the future.

Keywords: Power Theft, IoT, Web Server, Arduino, Beaglebone Black.