Abstract: Partial discharge represents a physical phenomenon. In high voltage (HV) electrical power system, different kinds of solid, liquid and gaseous materials are being used for insulation purpose to protect the incipient failure inside the HV power equipment. Among these the solid insulation is widely used for high voltage power equipments.Partial discharge is nothing but localized electrical discharge that only partially bridges the insulation between conductors and which may or may not occur adjacent to a conductor [3]. It indicates the presence of an imperfection within the insulation. The magnitude of these discharges though small, can cause progressive deterioration and ultimate failure.In this paper, simulation work is done with the solid insulation material, simulation of partial discharge is done using MATLAB with different insulation material.. In this paper, the dependency of partial discharge on the permittivity of the insulation material is tried to be analyzed with the help of cubical void model made in the very well-known software “MATLAB”. The simulation process is meant tocreate a better understanding of the characteristic of partial discharge in solid dielectric material. This project is focus on the result of the partial discharges indifferent insulation material.

Keywords: Partial Discharges, Solid Insulation, Cubical Void, Apparent Charge, Ca, Cb, Cc.