Abstract: Acquiring instant vehicle speed is desirable and a corner stone to many important vehicular applications. Ultrasonic Sensors to estimate the vehicle speed. We estimate the vehicle speed by Using Ultrasonic sensors. The obstacle avoidance vehicle is used for detecting obstacle and avoiding the collision. The design of obstacle Vehicle requires the integration of many sensors according to their task. Ultrasonic sensor is most suitable for obstacle detection and it is of low cost and has high ranging capability. Very small over time which can be corrected at some points, called reference points, where the true vehicle speed can be estimated. which senses natural driving conditions in urban environments including making turns, stopping and passing through uneven road surfaces, Extensive experiments demonstrate that Senspeed is accurate and robot in real driving environments. If the vehicle temperature high, the vehicle will be stopped. The ZIGBEE wireless module is received the targeted distance and itís monitoring from PC.

Keywords: Ultrasonic Sensor, ZIGBEE, Estimate vehicle speed, Temperature sensor, gas sensor, DC motor, PIC controller.