Abstract: Now day’s portability is most important. So to achieve this, we are designing such a system which can carry anywhere. Using this system we can not only transfer the data but also we can see the transfer of the particular file which we want to send by using LCD display. Now a days to transfer a data between two pen drives we use PC or laptop, but it is not always possible to carry such a large device only for the data transfer. So to overcome this problem we design a system which is more compact. In our project we are transferring the data between two pen drives without using any computers or laptops. Whenever we insert two pen drives in to the USB port of Raspberry Pi, this can be done by giving the command to the processor. The processor indicates that the pen drive is inserted successfully till the user can not send any command to processor, the operation cannot start. After sending the particular command to processer, the processer will start fetching the data from source pen drive into buffer and the ARM processor wait for the signal from destination pen drive. When the processors get the signal from destination pen drive, so the data transfer operation begins. Only the ARM processor should get the external hard key input signal from the user

Keywords: RICS Machine, USB: - Universal Serial Bus, LED:-Light Emitting Diode, LCD:- Liquid Crystal Display.