Abstract: The venture has been intended to shield of against single phasing and temperature rise of an induction motor. Given an insurance framework is vital in enterprises, utilizing part of motors with the end goal that generation is not hampered inferably from disappointment of any motor. The essential thought for the advancement of this venture was to give security to the mechanical motor/pump/lift Motor and so on. On the off chance, out of the 3 phasesif any of the phases out of the three phases is missing or if the temperature of the motor body amid operation surpasses the upper limit set up by the manufacturer, motor immobilizes immediately. The framework utilizes a 3-Phase mechanism supply where three single phase transformers are associated with it. In the event that any of the phase isnít accessible, the energy is being stopped by the corresponding transformer. This prompted one out of the four transformers being exchanged OFF. The principle hand-off which was being controlled through an arrangement of four transformers getsseparated in view of one hand-off not being fuelled. Consequently the fundamental. Hand off that conveyed 3 phase supply to the motor gets separated. For sensing the temperature of the motor body a thermistor has been attached to the protection circuit. Under some particular circumstances when the temperature of the motor rises above certain limit the fourth transformer gets disconnected. Further the venture could have been upgraded by utilizing sensors of current for protection against terminated load and phase grouping sensor for shielding the motor from applying incorrect phase sequence.

Keywords: Comparator, LCD, Relay Driver, Relay.