Abstract: In the recent year UAV( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) having quadcopter helicopter i.e., quadcopter configuration has been receiving increasing attention amongst the global researchers due its wide range of applications such as surveillance in military, civilian, and disaster management application. Here we try to implement its application to agriculture field. In agricultural fields, the use of pesticides is necessary for better crop yields. The use of aircrafts and drones has become common for carrying out this operation mainly because of its speed and effectiveness in the spraying operation. The problem with manual spraying is the lack labour. Also manual spraying cause direct health problem.The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates there are more than 1 millionpesticide cases in every year. In that more than one lakh deaths in each year, especially indeveloping countries due to the pesticides sprayed by human being.This project is to mainly overcome the ill-effects of pesticides on human beings(manual pesticide sprayers) and also to cover larger areas while spraying pesticides in a short span of time when compared to a manual sprayer.

Keywords: Quad copter, BLDC motor, flight controller, RF transmitter and receiver.