Abstract: Due to tremendous growth in airline industries of recent years Air transport is as cheap as road transport such as buses, trains and car. In order to serve people better airport authorizes are expanding their infrastructures. Due to expansion of airport infrastructure the no-show passenger problem increased in recent year. To reduce the no show passenger problem in the airport and increase the efficiency of the public addressing system we designed a solution to the problem with RFID based boarding Ticket (Boarding Pass). In this project we are issuing RFID Tag based boarding ticket (Boarding Pass) to the passengers and reading the tag on different stages of airport through the RFID Reader kit. Then we send the final message to the passengers who are all not reached the final stage (i.e. Boarding Gate for Flight) by SMS as well as PA system by announcing particular Stage only or Send airport staff to pick up the particular passenger personally.

Keywords: RFID, No-Show Passenger, GSM, SMS, Boarding Pass, RFID Boarding Ticket.