Abstract: This paper proposes a hybrid wind-battery system for stand-alone wind energy conversion system. Present energy demand heavily depends on the conventional sources. But the frequent increase in the price and limited availability of conventional sources has shifted the focus toward non-conventional energy sources. Among the available alternative energy sources, wind energy is considered to be one of the efficient and proven technologies. With a competitive cost for electricity generation, wind energy conversion system (WECS) is used in present scenario meet both grid-connected and stand-alone load demands. However, wind flow by nature is intermittent. In order to ensure continuous supply of power suitable storage technology is used as backup. In laboratory rigorous test need to be carried out to develop efficient control strategy for wind energy conversion system (WECS). In this paper to meet the dc load the hybrid wind battery system is investigated. State of charge is developed to confirm controlled charging and discharging of battery which acts as a charge controller for battery bank. Pitch management technique is used for the mechanical safety of the WECS. The control schemes are integrated effectively and tested for dc load and wind profiles in MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Keywords: Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), pitch control, wind energy conversion system (WECS).