Abstract: This paper presents the scenario of electricity generation in India using various renewable sources especially small hydro. Among various renewable energy sources, small hydro contributes about 15% of the total electricity generation in India. The country is looking for green energy by maximising the harnessing of small hydro power potential available in abundance. About more than 15000MW of small hydropower potential is available in India mostly in Himalayan region. Small hydro power plants (SHPP) are considered as reliable option for both grid and decentralized power generation modes. This paper also presents the technical challenges associated with the development of SHPP like selection of generator and turbine. Various standards related to equipments used in small hydro power plants have also been covered. Different policies of Indian Government related to power generation using renewable energy sources have also been covered in this paper.

Keywords: Small hydro power plant, Hydro generator, Hydro turbine, Watermills.